Web Sites Gallery


Mi-Ling Stone Pool is an Author, Columnist and Radio Show Host in the Oklahoma City area. Mi-Ling specializes in all things dealing with personal environmental comforts or as she calls it “The Comfort Zone”. Her site covers everything from decorating and food to traveling and pets.

She came to me to create a website that could be used as a focus point for all her fans. Although she has no knowledge about how a website works she is able to maintain this multi-page, multi-category website all by herself using a powerful online administration system that is as easy as using a standard word processor.


The E-Cap is a simple patented PVC cover used to protect vent pipes of the three standard sizes used on house tops. The E-Cap was developed because open vent pipes are plagued with water, debris and even squirrels getting down in to the pipes and damaging the HVAC and other systems.
E-Cap came to me to create a site to act as a showroom of sorts for their commercial customers.

Rams of Oklahoma

The Rams of Oklahoma is a inter-city Basketball 501(3)(3) program for the Oklahoma City area. They have multicultural programs and workshops targeting our youth that focuses on health and fitness to minimize the unhealthy lifestyles so many young people are growing accustomed to.

I developed their website to give them a public face as well as area of information for team members and parents. Like what you see on their site? They proudly accept donations.

Gospel Connection Talk

Radio talk show host Marsha Beasley is a Oklahoma native. She has an extraordinary love for Gospel artists, writer’s, promoters, comedians and speakers. Her love for gospel artists has fueled her seventeen-year involvement in the gospel industry.

Marsha came to me for a website that would allow her to showcase gospel artist of all kinds, providing audio interviews and samples of their works to help promote these artist in a no hype type of environment. Like Mi-Ling.com, Marsh is able to maintains and update her site with little need for help from me.

Water Watto

“Water Watto” is a simple yet addictive game and perfect for those who want to run a small personal business or as a fundraisers for churches and organizations.

This colorful and fun site is their showroom complete with a working game simulator.

Free Voice Free Choice

Inspired by the liberal government leaders attempt to quiet Conservative talk show host, The developers of this site wanted a site to act as a gathering place of news stories, videos, and opinion.

This site yet still in its infancy is fully loaded with web 2.0 elements and a fully functional “YouTube” style video database capable of displaying and tracking videos from any number of the major video sites (youtube, Vimeo metacafe, etc) .

The site itself is styled after an revolutionary era congressional desk.


Author, Teacher, Preacher and Dad Larry Smith, has just started his own website to showcase his writing as well as others who he feels  are worth reading.

Matt 13:47 (“Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.”) is the basis for the name. The InterNET is the largest tool for Fishing for men.